You have vampires, gargoyles, witches, demons and a witch, gargoyle and human in there. Rhianna has been living in the human world but she is way more than just human. She finds a rare book while looking for some ancient artifacts that can help their Queen from being hurt by her evil sister that wants to expose the supernaturals to the human population. Little did she know by purchasing this book she be faced with a possibility of meeting her mates. Gideon and Alasdair have been searching for years trying to find Alasdair’s grandmother’s journal. When they think they have found it Gideon must retrieve from New York. He travels there only to find out that Rhianna now has it and she is not giving it up. Now Gideon is not going to give her up either. The storyline makes you want to laugh, to cry. to scream and finally say enough get it together……lol
I am a true fan now. I hope you give her a chance to impress you like she has me.


It’s a vampire Christmas

Lia Davis

Vampire lords

Lia Davis’ books are always a must read be them dragons, cats, or in this case vampires. They never let you down and always leave you wanting more. Not being a vampire person I truly enjoyed this tale and look forward to the next in the series.


“One side of his mouth lifted.” Do you kiss your father with that mouth?” instantly she relaxed and smiled. “Yes, I do.”


Alasdair the lord of the area in which he live had looked the last two centuries for his grandmother journals and now it seems he has the area it is at but he would have to send his mate Gideon into Julian’s territory to get it.

Gideon had been found by Alasdair near death from a gargoyle attack and turned the demote priest into a vampire Gideon resents gargoyles for this and hates. He must travel to where there are more than any other vampire area.

Rihanna a gargoyle and witch raised by Julian as a daughter had been married to a human but finds the journal before Gideon gets there. Once Gideon meets her he knows he has found there mate to make the triad complete.

Can Gideon get over a gargoyle mate?

Can Julian let his little girl go?

Will other hidden secrets get in the way?

4.5 picks