About Us

Hi and thank you for wanting to know a little more about us. Rockstar Reviews consists of three women who having met online have become the greatest of friends and share a love of books.


I’m a born and bred Jersey girl, mother of 2 boys, a one-year-old Siberian Husky and an eleven-year-old German Shepard. I picked up my first romance when I was 14. I may not remember the author, but I remember it was a Silhouette Romance and I was hooked. Now I am rarely found without my e-reader within arm’s reach. I enjoy reading just about anything that catches my attention although, I do favor spicy romances and paranormal. I have several favorite authors. Those include but are not limited to Laurann Dohner, Milly Taiden, Laura Kaye, Rosanna Leo, Eden Bradley, Rg Alexander, Carrie Ann Ryan, Sidney Bristol, Donna Grant, Eve Langlais and so many many more. There’s not much on my DNR list. However, I don’t particular favor YA for the most part. This is not to say I don’t read it at all, I’m just very peculiar about which ones I read.



A little about myself… my facebook name is Bambi and I’m a bookaholic! I have loved to read for well over 30 years. I read just about every genre out there and love books with a well thought out plot. My one pet peeve is a book labeled in the wrong genre. I like knowing what to expect in a book. I can be found reading just about anything except for horror. I have several favorite authors, which include Milly Taiden, Carrie Ann Ryan, Lia Davis, Sidney Bristol, Rg Alexander, Eden Bradley and Robin Rotham.


I love to read always have at least one paperback, audio book and one on my kindle going at all times I never confuse the books that way no matter what I am doing I am keeping my brain absorbing a book. No matter how much time I read it is never enough…lol. I am the mother of 6 and have 3 Stepchildren, 23 grandchildren (one on the way), one great grandchild. I have the most amazing husband that spoils me whenever he can. Clifford is (dog) shhhhh he doesn’t know that cause he goes everywhere with us. I do believe he thinks he human. I read all genres, I never
know what I am reading next til I go on my hunt. I have been known to not give up on a book. I once read a book for 88 pages til it finally caught my full attention and then I couldn’t put it down. It turned out to be a fantastic book that got turned into a box office hit…..lol. I am known as the special one it is a nickname given to me by Bambi and I embrace the nickname. I love the nickname almost more than I love the color pink…lol. Some of my favorite authors are Milly Taiden, Cynthia Sax, Rg. Alexander, Eden Bradley, Stuart Woods. J.D. Robb, T.K Leigh, Cynthia Eden, and Stephen King.


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