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FROST-BITTEN (Snowy Knights Anthology)

Her curvy frame filled his arms nicely, and he cursed himself for even looking at her that way. She was nine months pregnant with someone else’s child for God’s sake. It shouldn’t matter that she smelled like the warm sun on a spring day, or that his bear was suddenly chomping at the bit to get out of him and meet her.

Several inches taller than her, he noted the way her ash blonde hair dangled in unkempt waves down past her hips. Her frame was significantly smaller than any other tiger shifter he’d met, and he had a gut feeling she was undernourished. While his first instinct as a doctor was to question her care of herself, the shifter inside him was having none of those doubts.

Snowy Knights: 10 Suspenseful Contemporary and Paranormal Romantic…

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