51uknt6eu7L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_   Xan’s idea’s about Breezy couldn’t be more wrong and only figures that out when her life comes in danger.  Then he admits she is his mate.  Breezy works in the ER and after a long day she bows out of going out with co workers only to be attacked in the parking garage.  She fights like Xan used to tell her. After she gets attacked she calls the clubhouse and is ordered to come there by the alpha, Kellen. Now the must figure out this puzzle before Xan loses his cool. What wil he think when he learns her secrets. This is a very well rounded book, as the intrigue and storyline unfolds, I found that Elle pays a great attention to detail no matter which part of the storyline she is writing.  I was very impressed because I felt like I could close my eyes and picture the story in my mind. I will give you no spoiler on this one at all this is a must read and very well rounded written book.

5 picks