if you cant stand the heat


If you Can’t Stand the Heat

Taryn Kincaid


This is the first book I have read from this author it is a wonderful contemporary that I enjoyed. Cooking is something I love to do and some people can and some people can’t and this cute story puts that together wonderfully. Along with the strength and love of a good family.

I suggest you get lost before my brother arrives with a cleaver and deboning knife and demonstrates how he chops nuts.”

Lucrezia Serafina Dicicco had no choice but to step up as head chef Il Saore Dell’ Amore when he fathers Health goes downhill.  Family what else can Lu do her best until a food critic reviews destroys all her father had worked for now she may lose all her family has worked for.

Derek Dunne the cordon bleu critic for the New York Monitor at the Il Sapore dell’ Amore after moving in the area but the food wasn’t what everyone claimed when the newspaper closes he decides he wants to be a chef again and thinks of that restaurant.

After meeting Lu and helping her out of the spur of the moment an idea forms because Lu’s father only lets family work at the restaurant.

“Can the figure out how to make this work?”

“A man I would entrust my restaurant to. A many worthy of my baby daughter the heart of my heart.”

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