Alpha owned

Alpha Owned

Milly Taiden

The amazing Milly Taiden has yet done it again. Her down to the point writing and beyond too hot alpha men leave every women needing a cold glass of water. Add her smoking hot sex and a cold shower or BOB may be needed. I love reading Ms. Milly books she has book series that make you can’t wait for the next to see what she will come up with next!

“Strong muscles, washboard abs a bevy of tattoos lined his toreros. Her brain screamed for her to go pet those muscles again. She screamed at her brain to stop torturing her. Stupid hormones.”

Ciara Ortiz a baker by profession ran from the snow mountain pack as soon as she could. She is going home to make her brothers groom cake. One bad date as a teen and the women saying the future alpha needs a shifter as a mate had kept her visits home very few but now with her brother’s wedding there was no escape from seeing him again.

Rykan snow the alpha of the snow mountain pack had always known who his mate was. For some reasons she only came home when he was away. This time she wouldn’t escape so easily. They needed to talk. When he shows up things take an unexpected turn. She has been drinking and thinks its all a dream.

When Ciara shows up with a guy claiming to be her boyfriend how will Rykan deal with it?

How does too much wine and one wicked naughty dream leave the unsuspected Ciara Alpha Owned?

“You did I thought it was a dream” Christ.  The things she said the stuff she’d admitted to. Why did he do that to her?”

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