Tamed by the Mistress

Tamed by the Mistress: BBW/Alpha Male Werewolf Romantic Erotica (Smut-Shorties Book 13) (Kindle Edition)

Mina Carter has out done herself with these amazing shorts. I can not say enough about how great the concept of fast pace get to the point reads with Smoking sex and a great plot. From Master to Mistress i have enjoyed them all. Each book different and great bed time reads or lunch break quickies. Smut and Spice you can’t go wrong

“As Mistress of the City and overlord of all lycans, all pack houses were her territory. And right now, all the hairs on the back of her neck told her this one was in trouble.”

As Mistress of the City Reena had to be the cast iron in control Wolf every one expected but her night with Archer showed her she may need more. At the mid-winter ball he had been the a Alpha she hadn’t expected but when she shows up at Griffon Pack she is in for them one surprise. A growl that shakes the house form a Pack member in pain. What is more then that its the human Archer well human till the night of the ball Any way.

Archer after taking his brother spot at the Mid- winter ball had scratched him self to sneak in as the Griffon’s offer to the Mistress. Now having no idea what was happening to him and in constant pain chained to a wall was suffering til he smelled something familiar a scent that made him calm can she help his human side come back or will his New side kill him before he can control it.

Can the Mistress save the man that could be Pack?

Will Archer show The Mistress he can survive what has happened?

Will Archer Make the the necessary deal to be Tamed by the Mistress?

4.5 picks