grizzly love

Grizzly Love: Big Bear Romance (Kodiak Point Book 5) (Kindle Edition)

Eve Langlais has done it again with her Kodiak Point series. I loved reading Travis and his over protective Mama. Oh i enjoyed the wilderness humor of every recipe or mounting and stuffing things. I enjoyed every story and line from these books and look forward to what ever this author has up her sleeves next. Eve is a amazing talented and must read author. A complete delight.

“I won’t do it.” “Like I said,” she replied over her shoulder as she walked away from him, back to the Humvee, “you won’t have a choice. I’ll knock your ass out, pump you full of Viagra, and hook you to a milking machine if I have to. But one way or another, husband, I will get something out of this farce of a marriage.”

Dr. Jess came to Kodiak lonely from her Husband who wouldn’t come home from the military or respond to her in the last 3 years. Problem hawks mated for life so she sets out when the members of Kodiak go chasing after the Deadly Naga that has wreaked the town over seas. She wanted children and her husband was going to give her them one way or another.

Travis the bumbling cousin of the Alpha and the most mischievous of grizzly cubs finds out the only women he dreams of is going there is nothing going to stop him from going too, even duct taped and gagged to a chair or a wooden spoon toting mama that half the town fears when it comes to her baby.

Once over seas can he show Jess that he is the mate she needs?

How many times can Travis get between her and a gun to prove she is the most important person to him?

How will mama take her baby falling for a older woman?

After all you don’t want to step in the way of a Grizzly Love.

As for Travis… He leaned over and whispered, “I didn’t get to say this before, but your birdy has a nice tail.” It wouldn’t have sounded so wicked if he hadn’t combined his remark with a mischievous wink.

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