Former helicopter pilot DJ Poe is a woman used to working in a man’s world and comfortable as SSI’s first female field operative. It’s her instant attraction to the company’s computer specialist that has her questioning her ability to overcome her past and develop an intimate relationship with a man.

Stuart “Tweeter” Walsh already admired DJ for saving his brother’s life in Afghanistan, but when the tall, leggy, blonde goddess joins SSI, he falls instantly in love. All he has to do is convince the man-shy beauty to take a chance on him.

Take one alpha-male geek, add in one skittish female warrioress—throw them into close proximity and you have the perfect conditions for storm warnings.

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Monette Michaels is the pen name for a multi-published author of suspense/thrillers, scifi romance, and paranormal romance. She also writes paranormal romance under the pen name Rae Morgan. She’s been married to the love of her life for far longer than she cares to remember. Her home is in Central Indiana.


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Excerpt #1:

So, she shouldn’t have been surprised to find the man who had to be Stuart Walsh checking the two downed mercs for other weapons while Vanko covered him.

Looks as if he is also a full member of the SSI team.

She paused for a second taking in the picture he made. Damn, Stuart was nothing like what his brothers had described. Just proved, she should never make assumptions about a person—or even a situation—until she’d observed both for herself. From mere hearsay—albeit, in her defense, from his family’s own lovingly shared and often humorous stories—she’d labeled Stuart a pencil-necked, pasty, less-than-physically-fit computer geek. In the flesh, he sure as hell didn’t look like a nerd who spent all his time communing in a virtual world.

Stuart Allen Walsh was what some of the women in her pilot classes would’ve called a hunk. He was tall—taller than her six feet by maybe four or five inches—with broad shoulders and long, leanly muscled legs as outlined by tight, well-worn jeans. Dirty-blond, slightly long, shaggy hair flew around his hatless head. His facial skin was darkened by exposure to the out-of-doors, and he had sculpted facial features accented by a five o’clock shadow.

Her nipples tightened. Her core clenched. Her clit throbbed—and her panties dampened uncomfortably. Holy shit! What a time for her latent libido to awaken.

DJ had never had an immediate sexual attraction to any male since being raped by Sean. Yeah, she could objectively admire a guy’s good looks and even understand why some women lusted after them, but she hadn’t lusted—ever. The men she’d served with were her teammates; they had her respect and that was that. She’d fully expected the same attitude to carry over to the SSI team.

It’s a fluke. Really. She didn’t even know him. He could be a total jerk.

But, in point of fact, she did know him in an indirect way. His parents and brothers had praised his—and Keely’s—attributes to the skies. Stuart wasn’t a jerk. He was smart, loyal, a good brother—a responsible, decent human being. He looked and sounded as if he’d be a perfect match for any woman.

But DJ wasn’t one of those women—couldn’t be. She’d never intended to find a mate—or even succumb to desire for a man. Just look at where love and desire had landed her mother. DJ’s father had taken everything her mother had offered and abused it until the love died.

Button it up, Dahlia Jane. He’s a team member. Think of him like your Army chopper crew. He’s just one of the guys.

Yeah, she could do that. Had to do that. This SSI job was far too important for her to piss it away by being attracted to her employer’s brother-in-law.