hersinfulangelA fantastic bonus story to a series I thought was long over, Her Sinful Angel serves to humanize Lucifer and prove that the love of a good woman can change anyone. Readers of this series may have noted that although he has been the Prince of Darkness, Lucifer does seem to care for his daughter, Erin and his grandchild. He may even care for Veiron although he would likely deny it. He has even at times helped them in their fights. Leading us to believe that this fallen angel, ruler of hell, isn’t as evil as he’d like everyone to believe. So seeing this whole new side of him was like chocolate cake after a satisfying meal.

Unsure if Nina is part of the plot against him or an innocent that has been dragged and dumped in hell as a trap for him, he is understandably leery. Yet what surprises me is that even with the possibility of Nina being a part of the plan to take him down, he is incredibly hospitable and gentle with her. It seems Lucifer can add one more person to the list of weaknesses. I won’t spoil the surprise, however, I can admit to waiting with baited breath for the story to unravel.

As we read along we get a glimpse at Lucifer’s story. What led to him ruling the underworld and most importantly we see the pain he suffered. Taking over Hell was no picnic and he has the scars to prove it. It was interesting watching Heaton take a character we’ve seen in previous books as the ultimate evil and turn him into the suffering hero. Not only did she turn him into a hero deserving a happy ending, but she make us care for him.

Although this is the 8th book in the Her Angel series, it can be read as a stand alone. The appearances of Erin, Veiron and others from previous books do not take away from the story. However, as someone who has read all of the books in this series, I would recommend picking up and reading the other books in the series. You’ll get brief glimpses of his caring about all of them and watching out for them even from afar without them knowing. At the very least, I would recommend reading Her Demonic Angel (Erin and Veiron’s book) as this is the point, I believe you begin seeing glimpses of Lucifer being something other than the worse evil being imaginable.

I must have a thing for the bad boys because for the longest time Veiron was my obsession. Now I’ve got a new one.


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