the winning side

The winning side.

Cm Doporto

University Park series book 3


Yet again I have been thoroughly trapped by the Raven these books are so well written you feel what they feel and it sucks you into their world. You can feel every up and down and can’t wait to read that all of it has worked out. I look forward to many more books telling the other characters stories but, mostly I can’t wait to read all of this in raven’s mind.

“ Lexi, not only have you helped my find a new and better life, but you have also showed me it is possible with you. You are my beginning and I want you to be my end.”

Raven Davenport- has had his share of mistakes a no matter how hard he works to deal with his demons they always come back to get him. Just when it looks like he can have it all it is yanked away. Except for Lexi she stands by thought it all even when he walks away…

Lexi knows raven is all she wants and never backs down from that choice she made but, this time he left her a reason to fight for their future even when he thinks it’s over.


Can Lexi show raven together they are……..

The winning side.


“We all have faults and make mistakes. All I’m asking is to stop making bad choices and instead choose me.”

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