tall dark

Tall, Dark, & panther
Milly Taiden
Paranormal dating agency book 5

Ms. Taiden has out done herself yet again! I love all her books and maybe this one even more. She combined a unique in depth feeling with these characters to take this book to the next level. Plus, adding her hot and spicy sex that only the smut queen is known for. Everyone reads books differently but to me this is the best of the series.

“You own a paranormal dating service?”
“Yes, male clients are strictly shifters. The big, sexy kind that can handle girls like you. In fact, they prefer big girls. According to my nephew, it’s the best to have more to hold onto when you’re having sex.”

Noah wright- was a loner raised by his god mother Gerri Wilder because his parents abandoned him at a young age. He had successed in life owning lots of property but lived where he could see his mate. The sad part is she had a boyfriend but, his god mother has other plans. One set up through her dating agency and she will leave him alone.

Amaya Zara (Maya) – had enough of looser boyfriends. Why did she think a hook up from a friend would be any different? Storming back home she bumps into Ms. Gerri Wilder who offers her company’s service to fix her up with a sexy shifter. Maya has nothing to lose so why not?

Will Maya find the one man to make her believe?
Can they find there mates in each other?
Can Maya see all she ever needed was tall, dark & panther?
Can Ms. Gerri Wilder her nephew the one thing he needs someone for him?

Pda book 5

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Jodie’s Review:

I could really relate to Maya with her doubts and crappy men that had been in her life. Gerri knows just what to do to help Noah. This book was like how did she get in my head and write the words I felt. Milly has the ability to show curvy women to stand proud do not hide them. This book was on fire the passion and the raw sex appeal is off the hook. Noah and his Panther self has wanted Maya for sometime but he thinks she is still in a relationship but she has broken it off although Bud doesn’t seem to get the hint. I recommend this book to all my friends that are over 18.

5 picks