KJ Coakley

Am Immortals series novel

KJ Coakley captured me with this book. Her writing was amazing from the start of this one until the last page. I didn’t want to put this book down. I loved the more in depth characters and getting to see the different sides. The only down side is the massive cliff hanger at the end and waiting for the next book to release in the New Year.  Kairos was good this one will knock your socks off!!

“I’m damaged. So damaged that I don’t even recognize myself any more, will I ever be whole again?”

Sulwen Macgregor- the star child had so much in her life change so couldn’t remember what a simple life was any more now everything was about the barrier coming down revenge on what had happened when the cop turned her. While her powers come to the fore front her need for Logan to be okay and forgiving her weakness was always in the back!


“I’m the last guy on the face of the earth who deserves to find love or happiness, But I’m too f*cking selfish not to grab it and run.”

Logan Thatcher- knew sulwen was his soul mate, but the guilt after not being able to keep her safe ate at him in ways no one could understand after being in a coma and not seeing her. He knew it was too good to be true. Can she forgive him for letting her be taken and God what had happened to her before she escaped….

Can these two find again what they had?

Can Logan except the power sulwen now has as the Star child?

Can they figure out the plot around them before the barrier ceremony happens?

Or will sulwen find out Logan’s last secret and destiny all they have overcome?