Hidden battle
Lindsay Avalon

wow this book has a special place for me as someone who suffers from autoimmune disease it really explains the struggle of day to day life and thoughts. It explains to loved ones what you deal with and problems you have. Ms. Avalon spins a wonderful heart-felt story of daily living. I look forward to reading many more stories from her.

“There would be no more room for error in this. One mistake and he could be left to watch the love of his life die in front of him.”

Brecken Grady – only wanted one thing Arianna his Ari for as long as he could remember. He joined the army for a better life for them but when the Ranger become his life and he was always gone on missions so he couldn’t stay in touch but one email said it all “it’s over.”

Arianna Dubious – loved Breck forever while overseas she learned how sick she truly was and couldn’t put him through what her life could become so she did the only thing she thought she could… leave him

can Breck go on without her?

Can Ari make it without love and support?

can they find away to work through hidden battle?

“You’re wrong.”

“About what?” she asked, confused

“home isn’t the most beautiful word Ari is.” her heart melted. Damn him, he could manage to come up with the sweetest things at the most unexpected times.

4.5 picks