Eva is screwed.

Maybe. Okay, definitely. And in a bad, not a good, way. Her trouble-magnet little brother has gone and gotten involved with vampires…and the deal’s gone bad. Now he owes them and their repayment plan involves dead bodies rather than monthly payments. Which means Eva has no choice but to approach the last person she ever wanted to for help.

Alex. Her older, hot, ex-cousin from her mother’s short-lived third, or was it fourth, marriage. He’s also a billionaire. Hot, ripped, wealthy… Oh, yeah, and an alpha werewolf.

There’s just one problem. Alex Kingwood never does anything without a price…

The question is, can she pay it?

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Iris’ Review:

I am admittedly not a huge fan of shorts. Most times the stories have holes the size of Texas and the authors expect the reader to take giant leaps of the imagination as if we were privy to the inside workings and motivations of the author’s mind. Except for Mina Carter. Her stories may be short, but they are addictive and tell a story you can’t and don’t want to put down. It is refreshing to read of a bbw heroine who is not afraid or self conscious of the fact that she’s got curves. As a formerly obese woman who is proudly curvy, I say “You go girl!” Not every curvy woman has image problems. Some of us happen to enjoy the curves what God gave us even if we’re not a size 2.

Alex is a drool-worthy Alpha, strong and in charge, he knows what he wants but unlike most alphas we read about he actually considers sending her away instead of asserting his authority. The whole I’m the Alpha what I say goes gets so tiresome sometimes. Knowing Eva is his and they have a deal she has too much honor to back down from, he still considers not forcing her to follow through on her end. Can we say keeper?

I absolutely loved this short. Eva is confident and caring, Alex is hot and brooding. The only surprising turn in this short is that an Alpha such as Alex managed to stay away from Eva for so many years knowing how badly he wanted her. I can’t wait for the next installment!

Jodie’s Review: 

I can not wait to see where this story goes. The story line captured my attention in the first paragraph and held it all the way through. I loved how she added the Master of the City back into this story. Mina always seems to know how to write characters that you want to see win out in the long run. I hope I don’t have long to wait before the next short is out. If you don’t like strong language or sexual content please do not read this and then say you were not warned. Well done Mina!!