Chosen by the Alpha
Mina Carter
smut shorties

Mina Carter’s smut stories have been amazing reads! This fast paced sexy works have been captivating to the mind! each of these shorts builds into an amazing world of shifters and the life that authors create for the readers!

Ilsa myers- captain of the guard for the mistress of the city she hadn’t met a wolf or man yet to make her want more than shake their hands in years until the gravely voice of the lord Delegate comes to her senses just made her want more

Nick Travais- lord delegate and alpha of the Trevais pack and sister mated to the master of the city.When he finds a woman his wolf wants no demands have to have this women she thinks for the night he has plans to for more.

“her scent hit him first wrapping around him like the coils of a seductive serpent ready to lead him into sin.”

4.5 picks