For veterinarian Cora Welch, being bitten by a young injured wolf wasn’t the best day of her life, nor the raging fever that followed. However, finding herself faced with a naked man proved even more than she had ever bargained for.

Zayn couldn’t believe what his inner wolf was telling him when he first saw the human doctor Cora, standing in nothing but a towel. The last thing he wanted was a mate, especially an accidental one. And at a time when danger seemed to be coming at the Mystic Pack from an unknown source, it just wasn’t in his plans.

All he had to do was get Cora through the fever, keep her safe from the other pack, and keep his fangs to himself. But nobody told him he’d have to fight a mating urge so strong within himself, that it was a losing battle. Now, he has to explain to Cora that he accidentally marked her for a second time, making her just like him.

Cora knew something was not right in her world the moment she wanted to climb her rescuer like a tree. Hearing Zayn tell her she was now a werewolf, like him and his pack, she realized she now had a home. If her new mate still wanted her after he heard about her family, Cora knew she’d be happy to be an accidental wolf.

wolf-shadow elle boon

Accidentally Wolf

Elle Boon

Mystic Wolves

Elle Boon IS fast becoming one of my favorite authors. I love the wonderful spin she adds to her books. Her writing keeps you spell bound from the first page to the last page, It is a have been up all night read. I am waiting impatiently now for either a wolf or raven release. These wolves were an unsuspected surprise. I loved the unique tale and quirky humor of the book the one liner’s are great and the strong spunky leading lady that makes you want to you show them what you got.

“Yes, if I kept scratching him the way she was  sure that he’d roll over like a little domesticate per and bed for her to rub his stomach.”

Cora- the local vet at Mystic River out for her morning run finds a lone wolf cub caught in a bear strap. After freeing the cub she attempts to pick him up where she gets bit. Do to the pain he is in after making it back to her clinic she cares for him and starts to feel bad after a bath she hears a noise and finds a man (sexy as hell) holding the wolf cub

Zyan- finds his nephew at the vet’s clinic drugged and with a Band-Aid. He was about to leave when a women in a towel shows up demanding to know what he is doing with her wolf. After realizing that she had been bitten the take he back to care for her. Can he stay away from the hot women that’s not his type or bite her again and turn her into his mate?

Can Zyan resist cora who wants him?

Will Cora’s scent drive Zyan crazy enough to forget what he wants?

What happens when the bear traps where set for a reason?

Read this amazing book and find out!

“I’d never hurt you intentionally. You know that right?”

“Of course I do. That’s why your still a functioning man, my love”

5 picks


Jodie’s Review:

Cora finds a wolf cub caught in a bear trap. Who knew helping this cub was gonna turn her world upside down when the cub bites her. Enter Zyan who seems to open mouth and insert foot far more than he realizes. He fights the mate calling but he fails. Now will Cora forgive him or even love him he is not sure because she is an accidental wolf, that everyone seems to want . The story has some great humor, some wild excitement, and some steamy passion. What more could you want from a story. I would recommend this book to all my friends.

5 picks