Alice brown & lady v
Dragon of Dragonose book 4
This series is so amazing. Alice brown and lady V have made a world that is totally captivating. Each book thought about dragons brings characters that you can’t help but to fall in love with.
I wait for each book to be released so I can read the next exciting adventure that this world can take me on.

‘Remathyst, you are going to have to settle down. I don’t know why we can’t feel her dragon, or what has been done to her, but I do know she is going to require some very gentle care.’

Dr.Quinn- the head medical doctor for drangonose people had a busy life. Do to the world he lived in needing him so much he accepted he may never find a mate until king Thoron called all his trust warriors and told him horrible news they had found a way to steal the drangonose female women and babies.

Paulina- had been tortured by the Raptorins. They had done so much to her she wasn’t sure about her mental well-being. When she meets him and Remathyst and her world slowly starts to heal.

Can Paulina find her dragon?

Will Quinn win Paulina’s heart or will what lies in her past be too much?

“ I couldn’t hurt you if I wanted to. You are my mate. The one fate designed of me. You are rare and precious jewel. And I plan to spend the rest of my life showing you just how special you are.”

4.5 picks