Jodie’s Review: 

A new kind of firefighter

This book took me by surprise I wasn’t sure what to expect I had always like Elle’s books so when asked to do a review for her I jumped on the chance. I had no idea what the book was about except what the title and cover made me think. I loved reading something new I had never read a book about an Elemental before. Then to find out he can control fire and is a firefighter too. Holy hotness can I say. These two meet when she was still a kid but now she is grown and he knows she is his mate and she knows she has always loved him but is now in love with him. Follow this love story with some very dangerous twists and turns. Thank you Elle for allowing me the honor to review for you. I am now more of a fan than I was before.


5 picks



Bambi’s Review: 

smoke jumpers book 1oh the imagination ms boon has is a shear delight. The characters and their abilities are are mystifying. This author has captured my heart with her unique plot twist and ideas for story telling I can’t wait to see which characters she writes next and what special ability they will have. I am not sure which i love more.. smoke jumpers, were wolves or those sexy ravens of war….

“the thing would surely split her in two. She could see the headlines. women dies from extremely large penis tearing her in two. yep, her mama would be so proud.”

Keanu Raine- started off a fireman until his special ability was discovered then he was required to be a member of the smoke jumpers that help put out some of the most deadly fires but when his grand father summons him home he knows something is wrong.

Cammie masters was rescued at a young age by the handsome firefighter and swore he would be her husband who knew they would meet again at the firehouse when he comes back home. And sparks would ignite between them can they put a stop to the danger?

will Cammie understand his ability?
can these two put out the flames of fire starter?

“You’re playing with fire” he said evenly.
Cammie licked her lips “oh i think I like that. besides, i’m trained fire fighter. I can put out your flame.”

4.5 picks