I have read m/m before but not like this. If all m/m was written this way I would find it difficult to ever find time to read anything else. Rg Alexander should be proud of how she has tackled writing male on male but more importantly how she has written this book. I could not put this book down once I started reading it. You will laugh, cry and just shake your head as you read the story of Owen and Jeremy . Owen, the Dom, the ladies man coming to terms with his feelings for his best friend. Jeremy always crushed on Owen never realizing he was falling for him til he was head over heels. The passion between these two is written so hot that I was fanning myself just to be able to keep reading but it was also written very tasteful. I just wish I could have rated this book higher than a five star. If you are like I was and unsure of male on male try this book you will not be sorry but Rg might have ruined me for other authors because I will always expect their books to be written with this much love and care.

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