wol;f capture

Wolf’s capture

Eve Langlais

Kodiak point


Oh Eve always out does herself I love her latest adventure in shifter’s Kodiak point series are each funny witty and a sheer delight to read. I would tell any and all from witches, demons, cyborgs, aliens, and shifters you will never be disappointed in any of her many series I have read them all. Much to the annoyance of my hubby who I have woke up many of nights laughing at the wonderful lines in her books.

“Such a bad wolf. There would be no licking, or lusting, and no defiantly no thrusting. Despite her appearance in his cage, she was the enemy one didn’t fornicate with them.”

Brody Beta and wolf shifter at Kodiak point when an odd feeling wakes him up he investages and lets his gut feeling lead him into finding what’s wrong he warns the town only to be captured by the bad guy and a mysterious woman sitting on a hill with all the small animals of the forest surrounding her.

Layla- a prisoner by the mystery bad guy plaguing Kodiak point. Since she was small she had always been held as a captive for what she can do. When the bad guy captured Brody and throws them together it’s time for escape plan 58 but do an can they make it from the most deadly shifter there is.

Can Layla and Brody make escape 58 her last and when an enemy becomes more can they work through the wolf’s capture?

“Brown eyes peered at him, familiar ones to go with a voice saying hey, Brody I like the art work you got on your ass. I hope you don’t mind but I took a picture and sent it to my tattoo artist.”

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