I have loved this series and the Back story to Lady Amanda and at the time Lieutenant Mark Douglas Was a wonderful tale to read. Ms. Devlin has gone out her way to captivate the history and breath taking words and speech in her tales. This is a great work and can be truly appreciated by those of us who like a good historical read. I loved this short novella and read it after the other 5 books in the Brethren series. Join the adventures found in these books and amazing plots and twist. Enjoy being swiped away with the wonder and words of the author…..

“I would wager from the moment I saw you.” In an affectation of unimaginable tenderness, he massaged her gloved knuckles with his thumb, as was his way. “You struck a vicious blow from which I may never recover.”

Lady Amanda the bell of the ball but she has a thing for men in uniform and when she sees the handsome Lt. Mark Douglas she is captivated until they dance and he is rude to her and she has no idea why? But later after he finds out who her father is he acts different which means she must retaliate and pawn him off on her aunt and chaperon for the night.. which she winds up liking him and causes Amanda to re think things.

Lt. Mark Douglas after hear some debutantes put down the military he arranges him self to see the lady’s involved only he sees lady Amanda among the lady’s speaking. when later he dance with the lady he is quite rude later after finding out her father is a Admiral he knows he has made a mistake and attempts to make amends.

The more time the spend together the more they want to share there life together.

What happens when her father says no to his request?
what does Mark have to do to win his Lady?
Will her father understand the all his daughter wants in life is

Loving Lieutenant Douglas!!!!

“But if you do—well, you just try it, and see what happens. And if you wish to punish me, I shall be delighted to present my bottom for your inspection.

4.5 picks