holiday abduction

Holiday abduction

Eve Langlais

Oh Eve and her sexy hot purple men make me wish for an abduction. These books are the best in the sci fi romance world.  The humor is to die for and matches none I have read before. Every Eve book is a must read and must be read in a night of no sleep. I just can’t put them down!

“What’s mine is mine. What’s yours is mine. What’s his is mine and if it’s not mine…? It’s not worth having.”

Lilly was having the worst Christmas ever. She was about to lose her grandparents’ home and worked hard to keep the bank from taking it. Just when she doesn’t think it can get worse…. What her grandmother believed to be an alien landed there.

Vhyl – a fine arts accusation specialist lands on the forbidden planet of Earth. He knew some about them do to his cousins who acquired earth woman and keeping them as mates. Vhyl was in search of a priceless treasure not a women but he needed to grab it and get off the planet. Things go wrong when he is followed by a dangerous race and he is caught with no way off this planet.


Can Lilly and Vhyl escape the alien chasing them and the US Government?


What happens when Vhyl realizes that he left the most important treasure behind can he get her back for the perfect    Holiday Abduction?


“ if the farm comes under attack, don’t forget I keep extra shot gun shells in the candy bowl and spare guns, in the trunk in the attic” grandmas philosophy on always being ready.

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