Forever Devoted

Forever Devoted

Virginia Nelson

Tempting signs, Book 2 Taurus


This is the series I have waited for this year. An amazing collaboration of authors with a different zodiac sign and author every month. Each can be read endurably or as a collection this one is about the 2 stubborn Taurus the bulls who don’t know how to ambit things and are completely bull headed about getting their way.

“Did you know African wild dogs live in packs like wolves’?”

Gray Smythe- the leader of their pack had taking Robbie under its arm and heart since they meet she was his only family. When an accident happens that Gray blames himself for he has to be there and take care of her but can he admit his true feelings before he loses her to her own stubborn nature?

Roberta (Robbie) Jacobs- since meeting Grey they had always been family but one tragic night after a break-up and way too much to drink left her needing Grey in more ways than she can admit. Bound and determined to get her life back she pushes Grey away after she thinks he rejected her not knowing he thinks he did it out of guilt.

Can they put their stubborn nature behind in time to understand they are “forever devoted!!


“I solemnly promise to be family, to protect and hunt with you, forever devoted?”

4.5 picks