Casey’s warriors

Ann Mayburn

Bond mates

I adore Ann’s books and love the fact she has started writing sci fi her BDSM books are amazing and now having read this I look forward to many more from her on this genre as well. I find the whole space idea a wonder and the imagination to make up new planets, races, and needs is amazing. I personally think the universe that Ann has come up with another wonder and can’t wait for the next book.

“Those men failed to win your heart because you were meant to love me, just like any attempt at a relationship. I might have made it would you have failed because I was born to love you.”

Lorn Adar – a kadothian male looking for the woman to become his bond mate before the madness takes over or the hive a controlling race of women can control him and his blood brother Nast there kind need a woman strong enough to have a physic bond with to protect them from the hive when a worm hold opens over Jupiter. Can the earth women be the answer? Can they accept kadothians’ loves like the kadothian?

Nast came from the poor of the kadothian but his blood brother Lorn and he are amongst the best warriors. Can the woman the both have dreamt if save and accept them?

Casey Westfall’s biggest worry was a final till her sister calls telling her to get home NOW bring supplies and her friends before marsh law reigns Casey makes it home just in time than meets the man who will change her life forever.

After the first kiss her body has a mind of its own. Can she accept the new life and world this opens her up too?

“I am cold, hungry, confused and on a fu**ing alien space ship and… and now I still want to throw you up against the wall and screw your brains out.”

4 picks