We here at Rockstar Reviews want to look back at the year as it comes to a close.  Sadly though also ends our monthly book releases of a truly amazing collaboration of Authors 25 in all. Some favorites for years, some are Facebook friends, and yet others even better new authors to delight our E- reader and the never ending TBR  (to be read) list.

So please join us on our Voyage to the Bermuda Triangle and this wondrous Island Resort. For the next eight days we want to spin the tales and tell you our thoughts on the super talented Authors.

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Without further ado we present:

Invitation to Eden

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Master of the Island by Lauren Hawkeye- FREE PREQUEL (The Island, Prequel)

When his life takes a dark turn, billionaire Theodosius Vardalos purchases a deserted island in the Bermuda triangle. It’s accessible only by plane- the better, he thinks, to hide his scars from the rest of the world. What Theo doesn’t know is that the island has an incredible secret, one that gives him hope… hope of future happiness, despite the horrible scars that make him a recluse. Hope to be had in the arms of mysterious blonde he hasn’t yet met…


Bambi’s Review for Master of The Island

This was an introductory book to give you an idea how the island came to be.
We meet the Master and get some history on him. We meet Joely and how she
becomes the pilot for the island. It has a cliff hanger but that was to
be expected. I love how you get a preview of the woman the Master is
waiting for. This is a great way to to start this series.  It contained enough sizzle and heat to get me hooked for the rest of the Series.  Thank you Lauren for putting this all together for us.

 Iris’ Review

A prequel for all intents and purposes serves to give us, the readers, a brief look at things to come. Normally I would frown on a prequel being released independently from the book. That’s not the case here. Master of the Island gives us an all too brief look at the fantastic things to come. Theo is broken and beat down when he is flown by the irreverent but likeable Joely to his private island in the Bermuda Triangle. However, little did he know that what began as a place for him to hide from the world would become so much more. One night. That’s all it took for the island to show him what his purpose there. It will take a strong woman to handle all the pain and suffering contained in Theo and we get but a brief glimpse of her. It’s enough of a glimpse though, to know that this woman, when she does finally make an appearance with be someone special. Hawkeye did a phenomenal job in giving us just enough to completely captivate is and leave us craving more Eden. I know I, for one, was utterly hooked.