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This is the second book in this series. This book deals with a woman taken and put into sexual slavery. It shows what she went through and how she deals with being rescued. Emily has lived through a hell no woman should ever have to live through. She doesn’t feel worthy of anyones love anymore.She has no self respect, she has been beaten, raped, and emotionally scarred. She is home now in the home that her Kanye shared before she was taken. He is fighting for them and she doesn’t think she is worthy of him anymore. This is the story of her journey back into life, while worrying that one of the men will find her. This book has so many different levels and they are so well written. I cried, screamed while ugly crying, then I felt relief when she made little steps toward recapturing her life back. This book is not for those under 18. Not intended for those who are not comfortable sexual content. If you are looking for a good book that has layers even though it contains so called taboo topics. This book is really to good overlook. I would recommend it to everyone I know.

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