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The Midwinter Ball…a time when the lycan packs of the city are required to send an offering to please the Master of the City; a woman. Young, nubile and eager to please the Master in his bed.

Only this year, the struggling Trevais pack are all out of young and nubile, forcing Alpha’s sister, Cyan Trevais to attend as the Midwinter Offering. Which is fine. Totally cool. Plump and older than all the other offerings, she’s got this. No way will the Master be interested in her. She’ll be fine.

Until she slaps and insults another guest, bringing her to the attention of the Master of the City, who is more than a little interested indeed. An all night kind of interested…


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Cyan is ordered to attend a Party for the Master of the City by her pack alpha.
This curvy little spitfire has no idea what she is in for. She thinks he is into women that are thin and are full blooded wolves.  . Her clan has not had someone be able to shift since her grandfather. When she enters the party, feeling a bit out of place, she meets a man in the corner.  She is not what Veyr expected tonight when he cloaked himself as to not show who he really was. This little spitfire has his wolf ready to howl immediately.  Then she gives him hell…..lol I love her responses to him before and after she realizes who he is.  They are without a doubt my favorite part of the story……lol. The passion is hot!!!!!!  Will this night be more than what either bargained for? This is a real treat and a short read but it has it all.  Will make you laugh and pump your fist yelling you tell him girl!!!!!!. Great Job Mina! I look forward to reading more of your books and short stories. To say this short story impressed me is an understatement. Was so excited went looking for someone to talk about it with.  This story is recommended for those 18 and older.

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Master of the City is a wonderful must read short! This is a spicy,hot, sexy read that leaves you hoping she will write more in this theme…

“The Master had made his choice. Her, Shit, She a screwed Literally.”

Veyr The Overlord and Alpha wolf over Lycan packs was offered any female to mate with during the Mid winter gathering. In all the years he had never had one that appealed to him as much as this year “The Trevais Offering”

Cyan Trevais the Alpha of Trevais sister There blood line so diluted that she couldn’t even shift to her wolf. They were a few generations form being human. What could a curvy women in a borrowed dress, with last minute make-up offer The Master to compete with the women form other packs that were more then perfect……

Can the spunky, curvy, and sassy Cyan how them all what a real woman i like?

How does Veyr The Master and Alpha predator react to all this woman has?

“Don’t look so worried, I’m not going to eat you.” He flashed a small grin. In a bad way at least.”

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It is that time of the year again. Every pack must choose one single female from within their pack to offer to the Master of the City. If chosen this female will spend a night of unbridled passion in the Master’s bed and hopefully if all works out will bear his cub in the near future. There are no messy emotions to complicate things; it is all about the survival of the packs and continuing strong bloodlines.

The moment Cyan finds out she will be her dwindling pack’s offering she is apprehensive. It doesn’t matter that that the Master prefers his women tall and leggy and she is anything but, she would still rather be anywhere but there. Little does she know that it is those very curves she despairs over that will catch the Master’s attention. It doesn’t hurt that she is opinionated and not intimidated by the Master, even when she realizes who he is. All these add up to an irresistible combination to the Master.

This is one of those reads that the number of pages held no bearing on the storyline. Form the moment I began reading I was hooked. Even at only 18 pages, Carter gives us a plot, a storyline and characters we can get invested in. Not to mention enough fantastic lines that I don’t lack for favorite quotes to share.

“The air of challenge bristling from her had roused his wolf, the light of intelligence in her eyes had roused the man.”

“Very kissed like a starving man, and she were a banquet laid out in front of him.”

5 picks

It seems we have a Rockstar consensus. Master of the City by Mina Carter is definitely a Rockstars recommended read